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Anupama: Latest Gossips and Spoilers!! Yashdeep glides as Barrier for Anuj’s talk with Anupama


Anupama: Anuj steals moment for exchanging feelings for Anupama gets interrupted by Yashdeep

In the upcoming series of episodes of Anupama, the Star Plus channel will bring roaring updates.

As of the latest updates, it seems Joshi Ben’s real identity has been revealed for Anuj after all.

Thereof Shruti is worried about Joshi Ben after the fire Mishap and knowing how she fainted.

At the same time, Anuj has failed to talk about his past Anupama to Shruti and till now she doesn’t that Joshi Ben is Anuj’s love Anupama.

Following this Anuj enters Spice and Chutney Restaurant where Shruti introduces Anuj to Joshi Ben.

Soon, Shruti leaves for work and Anuj and Anupama are left behind to get moment to talk.

Yashdeep understands Anupama's next move 

As Yashdeep sees everything he knows how hard this is for Anupama as Adhya has cleared that she doesn’t want Anupama back.

Meanwhile Yashdeep knows Anupama will do as Adhya has mentioned where he stops Anuj from talking to Anupama.

Will Anuj express how his life has changed and the wedding with Shruti to Anupama after the meeting??

Stay tuned and get tuned to latest gossips WU for more updates on latest episodes of Anupama.

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