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Bhagya Laxmi: Unweathering by conditions Rishi brings Laxmi home with new difficulties ahead

Bhagya Laxmi: Rishi brings Laxmi back home away from the treatment with many challenges


The Zee TV most popular serial Bhagya Laxmi has gathered the tag of entertainment Buzz with the latest episode and updates.

With the accident that Rishi and Laxmi faced everything has changed for Rishi and Laxmi’s fate.

As of the recent episodes Rishi gets the permission from Neelam to marry Laxmi and return back to Oberoi house.

With the marriage Rishi sees Laxmi is scared of fire where she starts hitting everyone.

As this incident confused everyone soon they take Laxmi to the hospital where they discover Laxmi being mentally sick after the accident.

There the doctor wants to start the treatment for which Rishi gives his consent.

As the Doctors start the treatment with electric shocks Laxmi feels the worst pain.

Rishi jumps to bring Laxmi home

As Rishi can never see Laxmi in pain he jumps to end the session and treatment immediately.

Soon Rishi brings Laxmi home where he wants to take care of her without the involvement of shocks.

Will Rishi face the ups and downs after bringing Laxmi home while she acts like seven year old child??

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