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Bhagya Laxmi: Raja targets Neelam Virendra afterwards Rishi Laxmi hides around the corners

Bhagya Laxmi: Neelam Virendra enter the list whom Raja has targeted next after Rishi Laxmi


The most watched out Zee Tv serial Bhagya Laxmi is creating a huge fuss among the fan club.

The drama seekers can never get enough of entertainment as Rishi and Laxmi are trapped now.

So far, Laxmi is weak and she has no idea what is happening around her while she escapes Rishi.

There Rishi keeps looking for Laxmi and gets worried while he meets her at a random place of crime.

As it turns out Raja has entered the picture who wants to make a call of money on Laxmi.

Seeing this Rishi gets into a fight with Raja and soon he brings Laxmi back away from Raja’s eyes.

Somehow, Raja still wants to teach Rishi and Laxmi a lesson as he wants to know about the couple.

Raja chases Neelam Virendra 

It seems following the background of Rishi and Laxmi, Raja will target Rishi’s entire family for money.

As Neelam is worried for Rishi and Virendra wants both Rishi and Laxmi safe Raja won’t stop his acts.

Will Raja harm Neelam and Virendra to get the track of Rishi and Laxmi next in the show??

Stay tuned and keep watching Bhagya Laxmi along with latest gossips WU for more updates.

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