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Bhagya Laxmi: Neelam arrives at Rishi Laxmi’s house for welcome back ticket with realisation


Bhagya Laxmi: Rishi and Laxmi shifting apart from family with fights make Neelam realise truth

The Zee Tv most watched serial Bhagya Laxmi has created a hype amongst the drama seekers.

As of the recent twists and turns the story is showing Rishi and Laxmi running away from the goons.

Thereof Rishi sees Laxmi eloping away from him without any notice while he gets confused.

As it turns out Laxmi has been tracked by some goons who want to sell Laxmi for sake of money.

Following this, Neelam starts her cries and tears as she blames Laxmi for troubling Rishi always.

Soon Virendra hears enough of blame game that Neelam continues and starts talking the truth.

Virendra brings the imprints of past where Neelam chose Laxmi as Rishi’s life partner in troubles.

Neelam hears the bitter truth

As he mentions Rishi and Oberoi house has cheated on Laxmi and she is in trouble for them.

This makes Neelam quite and she recalls everything to welcome Rishi and Laxmi back with love.

Will Neelam really see that Laxmi is the right choice for Rishi while she has always wronged Laxmi??

Stay tuned and keep watching Bhagya Laxmi along with latest gossips WU for more updates.


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