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Imlie: Kairi Mummy Finding Venture To Turn Dangerous ! Imlie Accused Again

Imlie: Imlie Leaves in Her baby hunt deceived by Artto 

In the latest sequence of Star Plus serial imlie featuring High Voltage drama we have seen Imlie finding out Chini as Atharva's wife and Kairi's mother this very fact shock Imlie and she decides to move on in her life and from Atharva's memories as well. 

Seeing guilt in Dhairya's eyes she intrigues for the reason leading to disclosure of his familiarity with Atharva being alive living with a new family from the past 5 years. 

In the upcoming story we are about to see some explosive drama in form of Imlie leaving behind Artto memories to find her child and Kairi getting to know about her mother's whereabouts. 

With overheating Monkey Paa and Bestfriend conversation Kairi will learn about her real mother to find who she is. 

Both Atharva and Chini would be unaware about Kairi leaving all alone discreetly to find her mother.

Destiny to make Kairi and Imlie meet 

Kairi and Imlie would soon meet in by wonders of destiny. 

Kairi venture would turn dangerous for her as per the latest spoilers from the sets here Imlie would save her daughter. 

Will a custody battle to happen between Atharava and Imlie once she'll learn the reality?

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