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Imlie: Atharva Comeback Hijacked By Imlie Becoming Dhairya's Bride !

Imlie: Dhairya On Rudra Permission Prosoped Imlie 


In the ongoing drama of Star Plus dramatic serial Imily is giving drama chills to its loyal viewers. 

In the current episode we have seen Atharva noticing a pendant on Kairi dress which Kairi tell to belong to princess mumma Imlie. 

The locket had Atharva's picture in it Kairi told importance of that locket for princess Mumma and understand the drama and all misunderstandings he had from past so many years gets cleared for him. 

Atharva will soon be packing bags for leaving to meet Imlie and return to his home. 

On the other side that has proposed to Imlie getting support from Rudra and Deviki will imli.

Rudra and Deviki Allows Instigates Imlie to Start Afresh

Deviki's heart is also meeting for Dhairya when he is constantly putting efforts in making her happy and giving place of Choti Mumma in his life. 

After Atto has gone, Dhairya became her support system and gave the respected position of a mother to her. 

Deviki also will accept that Atharva will not return and will happily agreed for Dhairya and Imlie wedding. 

Imlie was until now unaware about Dhairya hidden feelings for her will she be able to give Dhairya place of Atto in her life. 

Will Atharva's heart will break again seeing Imlie moving ahead in her life with Dhairya? 

Let's see what happens in the upcoming story.

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