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Imlie: Kairi Makes Mother's Day Card for Imlie Chini Revist Path of Wickedness !


Imlie: Imlie and Kairi Connection Grows Stronger with Kairi Giving her Princess Mummy Card 


Star Plus serial Imlie is laddering the drama ladder with recent showcasing of Imlie and Kairi cute bond.

The summer camp where the real mother daughter Imlie and Kairi, unaware of each other's identity had met has ended. 

Blood identifies Blood and Kairi affinity for Imlie who is her princess Mumma surpassed all the care Chini had for her. 

To celebrate Mothers day with Imlie she even makes a card and Chini's heart breaks who was suspecting the card to be for her. 

She is surprised at how Imlie replaced all of the love she gave to Kairi with so much ease. 

Is this heartbreak turn Chini into a bad person again? 

Chini Instigated by Anu Aunty to Marry Atharva Forcefully

Until now Chini never wanted any promise from Atto but now she will fear Imlie's re-entry back in Atharva and Kairi's life. 

Let's see will Atharav commit to Chini as s Responsibility? 

As per some fresh Spoilers all the misunderstanding he had for Imlie has been washed away. 

So, will be still choose to stay away from his love? 

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