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Anupama: MAYAJAAL BUSTED! Maya's Father Entry As Pandit In Samar Dimpie Wedding

Anupama: Maya father to enter in summer Dimple wedding as Pandit

Anupama daily Hindi soap featuring on Star Plus is one of the most loved shows and is about to showcase some happening twist and turn in the upcoming story. 

In the latest storytelling we got to see Maya somehow pressureing Anuj to be with her and she also faces frequent panic attack seeing Anupama Anuj together.

In the upcoming story will get to know Maya is a daughter from a Brahman family and her father would arrive in summer Dimpy marriage. 

In the beginning episodes of her arrival she disscussed how her father used to teach her mantras and arti. 

This deadly confrontation of daughter and father after so many years would leave Maya shattered. 

Anupama to help Maya

Anupama will help maya in getting acceptance from her father after so much she has done with Anupama from snatching her daughter to now pressure ring her husband to leave her still Anupama is helping her and this hought would shake her from the core. 

Will Maya finally will leave her obsession for Anuj after reunitng with her father? 

Let's see what happens in the upcoming story

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