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Anupama: Barkha-Adhik DOUBLE DEALING In Kapadia Business Putrefied Anuj's Trust

Anupama: Adhik nervous due to Anuj arriving in Kapadia Mansion


Barkha and Maya equally hate Anupama and wants to show her new image of the reality and make her realise Anuj's permanent exit from her life by making her see what once belong to her is now of Maya. 

Star Plus show Anupama is getting way to hot on drama parameters. 

In the atest episode Maya propose the idea of conduct of Samar in Dimpy wedding rituals in Kapadia mansion.

Kapadia mantion has many memories of Anuj and Anupama graved in its wall. 

Maya panics while explaining Anuj that she wants to make new memories with Anuj and Kapadia mantion and want to erase Anupama's old memories. 

While Barkha is happy on one side to see Anupama Suffer but she also fears that what will happen if Anuj checks Kapadia Bussiness account details the fraud that barkha Adhik was doing for so long will be out in front of him.

Barkha and Adhik nervousness gets into Pakhi's notice takes big step

With Maya and Anuj entry into Kapadia mantion Pakhi will show the reality of Kapadia business doom due to fraudulent activities committed by his own bhabhi Barkha and thankless Adhik to Anuj. 

This incident will deep in crack in Adhik and Pakhi marriage with Adhik becoming a violent man. 

In the upcoming story Anuj will take big step in threading apart Barkha and Adhik from Kapadia business making them words then beggars. 

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