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Anupama: PAASA PALAT! Fire Instigated By Maya To Burn Her Own Hands

Anupama: Maya forcefully take Anuj to Kapadia mantion

Star Plus serial Anupama produced by Rajan Shahi if escalating on drama metre with the current showcasing of drama of silence between Anuj and Anupama and Maya, Barkha and Vanraj super tensed about disclosure of the silence.

In the recent story Maya takes advantage of Anuj agreeing on all her demands and shows stubbornness to go to Kapadia mantion.

Her intentions are to replace Anupama's memories in Kapadia mantion but she is going to fail in this motive miserable.

She took Anuj to make new memories in Kapadia mantion but failed to as every inch and brick of the mansion is making Anuj recall Anupama even more and this is what Maya doesn't want.

Anuj and Anupama Reconciliation mid Bike Ride 

Maya's worst nightmare of Anuj Anupama's reconciliation will be soon possible when Anuj will be haunted by thought of injustice he has done with Anupama and she never forgiving him.

In the latest episode which Anuj takes Anupama on a bike ride to drop her at the Shah mansion and give her inside news of his treachery he did. 

Let's see will the latest promo will come true or not. 

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