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Anupama: Anupama Take Stand For Misconduct With Bhairavi


Anupama: Leela Does Disparity with Bharavi Enrages Anupama 


Star Plus' quite famous show ruling the TRP charts and known for showcasing some nail-biting, is again geared toward some happening twists and turns. 

In the latest episode we get to see Anupama silently agreeing for the rest of the wedding rituals to take place in Kapadia mantion.

Amidst the wedding rituals of Samar and Dimpy wedding Leela is taking full advantage of innocent Bhairavi who is poor girl adopted by Anupama after her father's death. 

Kanta Ben notices Leela's partial behaviour towards Bhairavi.

She assigns her various or jobs at Samar and Dimpy wedding and let her not enjoy with kids of her age. 

In the upcoming story Kanta Ben will tell Anupama about this disparity for which Anupama will take stand against leela. 

Anupama will put the old heartless lady To shame for misusing good attitude just like she used Anupama for the longest time. 

Anupama will raise Bhairavi as strong as her to speak against all evils like Leela

Anupama will give an earfull to Leela for misbehaving with Bhairavi. 

Will Anupama and Bhairavi be able to reach America? 

Let's see what happens in the upcoming story. 

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