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Imlie: Dhairya Enters Aakash Hitlist! Bhai To Turn Murderer

Imlie: Dhairya and Rudra Connection Of Father Son Hurts Aakash 


Serial Imlie starring on Star Plus is giving extreme drama goals. 

In the ongoing drama in Imlie we have seen how Dhairya has became an inevitable part of Rana family but Devika condemns in presence thinking of Atharava all the time. 

Rudra has accepted Dhariya as his son post the news of demise of Atharava. 

Rudra not just has given his surname to Dhairya, he also has all rights of Atharav to him. 

First Atharav and now Dhariya, Akash has always felt left out. 

Danger on Dhairya life

Something big is going to happen in the seiral with Dhairya getting love and acceptance from Devika.

And, clouds of Danger are about to overshadow Dhairya. 

Akash in his jealousy will be seen trying to harm Dhairya and Imlie is about to become savior of Dhairya. 

To make Imlie move on the thought of Imlie and Dhairya marriage will enter Rudra's mind. 

We don't want you to miss out on this extreme level of drama. 

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