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Anupama: DRAMA INTENSIFIED! Dimpie Friends Assassinate Shah As Male Chauvinist Puts Wedding In Question

Anupama: Entry of Samar and Dimpie's mutual friends in wedding. 


In a very popular show of Star Plus channel, produced by Rajan Shahi Anupama is elevating the level of drama with the showcasing of current drama of Samar and Dimpy wedding.

In the latest episode we get to see Pakhi blaming Dimpy for Anupama's pain due to the arrival of Anuj with his so-called partner Maya in their wedding.

However Dimpy is not guilty of inviting Anuj as she thinks of him as a father figure and she didn't have any clue about Maya accompanying him. 

Dimpie Friends comment on Dimpie future in Shah's house 

In the upcoming story Dimpy's friend will make her aware of her future in Shah house as an obedient and suppressed daughter in law. 

Rather than defending the Shah family she agrees to the comments.

Will this brainwashing will affect Samar and Dimpie wedding? 

Will the wedding be cancelled at the very last moment, breaking Samar's heart. 

Too many questions, right? 

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