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Anupama: Anupama-Nakul Couple Performance Sparks Insecurity In Anuj !

Anupama: Guru Maa and Nakul entry in summer Dimpy wedding as per Anupamas invitation.

In the very dramatic Hindi daily soap of Star Plus called Anupama some hot and spicy drama or happening as per the latest episode with Maya sitting next Anuj as his partner in Samar wedding.

However when Kinjal ask her if she still shows from believe in Anuj character she shows a quick response in yes. 

To intentionally hurt Anupama seeing Maya replacing her in her own house Maya presents The proposal of dividing wedding rituals into two locations Shah house and Kapadia house.

Anupama silently bears all the pain. In the recent promo we get it to see Anuj following Anupama for talking with her and Maya Panics as she couldn't see both Anuj and Anupama amidst her eyes showing possibility of them to be together. 

Soon Anupama's special guest Malti Devi And Nakul to add spice in the ongoing drama. 

Anupama and Nakul Couple Performance Makes Vanraj and Anuj Angry 

Anuj will be seen clinching his fist seeing Anupama performing with her new co-dancer at Malti Devi Academy Nakul.

In the upcoming story Anupama and Nakul chemistry on dance show will shock Anuj and Anupama will be equally hurt to see Anuj in Maya dancing has couple.

Will Anuj question Anupama and Nakul relationship? 

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