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Anupama: Kinjal Overhear Maya Torturing Anuj With Pictures Alerts Anupama!

Anupama: Maya Questions his loyalty towards her and issues some gruesome Warnings 


In the very interesting serial Anupama featuring on Star Plus produced by Rajan Shahi some undeniably amazing twists and turns are happening making the drama metre shake. 

In the latest spoilers we got to see Maya asking the reason why Anuj doesn't want to stay in Kapadia house and inquiries on whether Anupama is the reason which makes him go zipped lock. 

Kinjal who will be passing from the outside of the room will listen to Maya talking about some pictures which is making Anuj nervous. 

She predicts Anuj to be in danger and will be seen informing Anupama beforehand. 

Anupama and Anuj Zipped Locked Meeting 

Anuj finally has followed Anupama to her room to have a conversation. 

Anupama already knew this would happen and they both will be seen having a romantic eye to eye conversation in the upcoming story. 

Will the reason behind Anuj pursuing Maya be revealed? 

As per some predicted gossips from the sets Barkha is most probably going to be the roadblock between Anuj and Anupama conversation. 

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