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Imlie: Imlie-Dhairya Enemy to Friends!! New Knots Unlocked

Imlie: Imlie Swears to Prove her Worth 

Imlie in TV show Imlie is decalered as the owner of Rana Transport Bussiness leading to Dhairya enmity from her. 

Imlie's co-workers evaluated her worthless being a girl but Imlie Swears to earn their respect. 

Atharva supports this mission of Imlie and we are about to see Imlie's efforts proofing herself worthwhile in the follow up episodes. 

Imlie and Dhairya are soon to become friends. 

Imlie And Dhairya TASHAN to Evolve into friendship 

Both Imlie and Dhairya in the future track will be seen becoming sweet to each other. 

This friendship is about to starts from their bussiness partners status. 

Dhairya will get assured about Imlie's worth and Imlie will see bare and honest side of Dhairya. 

Imlie will be seen requesting Rana on giving her role to Dhairya not because she is faling at it but rather to support his talent and rewarding him for his loyalty. 

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