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Spy Bahu: Sejal’s elevator fiasco makes Yohan unnerved

Spy Bahu latest news: Sejal trapped and Yohan turns savior


The upcoming twist of Colors TV show Spy Bahu will show some intense as well as romantic moments coming up between Yohan and Sejal soon after Yohan becomes the CEO of his company.

Yohan will have his first day of work as CEO and Sejal will decide to go to his office taking lunch for him.

However, some dramatic moments will take place as Sejal will get stuck in the lift and Yohan will be tensed.

Yohan will try his best to open the door of the lift and rescue Sejal.

Yohan’s first day as CEO brings in drama

After repeated attempts, when Yohan finally is able to open the door, he will find Sejal unconscious after being trapped in the lift for so long and he will carry her in his arms and take her away.

Viewers will get to see a cute romantic moment as Yohan will take care of Sejal as she will be unconscious and he will help her to regain consciousness.

Sejal and Yohan are getting closer and closer and this in turn is making Sejal away from her real mission.

Will Yohan know about Sejal’s truth?

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