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Written By: LGW Desk on July 05, 2022

GHKKPM: Virat's concerned Loyalty towards Bhabhi DIVULGED Sai Disheartened

GHKKPM: Virat's concerned Loyalty towards Bhabhi DIVULGED Sai Disheartened 

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyar Mein has been witnessing downfall in terms of TRP and Fans as well. Apart from there the show has also witnessed downfall in case of Content as well. 

Recently We have seen that Pakhi has become the Surrogate against Sai's Wish as Virat Sir don't want to lose the chance of their chance at Pregnancy. 

However Sai gets a doubt on Pakhi but Virat just is confused as he doesn't want to doubt his so called Sister In Law. 

Sai gets Heart Broken

The Story takes an interesting turn when upon Pakhi's requests Geeta lies to Sai that Pakhi is not the one to meet her as a Nurse. 

Virat grows fond of Pakhi as she has become their Surrogate just like everyone Including Pakhi has expected. 

Sai gets Heart Broken as Virat seems to get close to Pakhi and takes care of her and the Baby like a Husband does and not like how a Man does for the Surrogate. 

Unfortunately Sai notices the undivided attention and the concerning Loyalty of his towards Pakhi which breaks her Heart because she feels Betrayed. 

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