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Spy Bahu: Yohan's cute personal attention thrills Sejal

Spy Bahu latest news: Sejal and Yohan heart-warming romance

Colors TV show Spy Bahu will now show some sensational romantic moments between Yohan and Sejal as the two of them come closer.

Sejal and Yohan have always had a sparkling chemistry between them despite the uncertainty and tensions.

However, viewers are soon going to witness some heart-warming beautiful moments.

Sejal and Yohan will now be seen in a sultry romantic scene where Yohan will comb Sejal’s hair.

Yohan turns hairstylist for Sejal

Sejal will be seen sitting before the mirror with wet hair and Yohan will lovingly comb her hair and do her hairstyle.

Yohan’s cute behaviour will make Sejal uncomfortable as well as thrilled as he will be pleased with the attention he gives her.

The two of them are currently in the midst of unveiling the terrorist mastermind but their romance is getting more and more stronger.

Will this terrorist drama get the two of them even closer or will it rip apart their relationship?

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