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Ashish Chowdary aka MJ's statement on Beyhadh 2 going off air

Ashish Chowdary aka MJ's statement on Beyhadh 2 going off air 

Sony Entertainment Television is scrapping Beyhadh 2 and this news shocks all.

Beyhadh 2 was one of the finite series and was to end soon anyway but with a meaningful ending.

Here Ashish Chowdary puts in his statement regarding Beyhadh 2 going off air.

Ashish Chowdary says that nothing is officially conveyed to them as of now.

Ashish wishes that the show is must not end so abruptly and should be given a meaningful ending.

Ashish Chowdary wishes Beyhadh 2 to not have abrupt ending

While Ashish also shared that the show was high on budget drama and he can understand the pressure on producers in this time of crisis.

Ashish says that he himself is into the business and very well knows that it is difficult time for all.

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