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Tujhse Hai Raabta: Malhar arrests Kalyani Sampada's plan successful

Tujhse Hai Raabta: Malhar (Sehban Azim) arrests Kalyani (Reem Shaikh), Sampada's plan successful 

The upcoming episode of Zee TV's popular daily soap Tujhse Hai Raabta is up for new twist and drama.

Kalyani and Anupriya are trying to keep their eye over Sampada and doubts her being behind the child theft gang.

Kalyani is concerned as Sampada is taking Moksh to the same hospital again and again.

Kalyani doubts that Sampada is trying to sell off Moksh and thus decides to expose her.

Kalyani and Anupriya's new plan

Here Anupriya is helping her daughter Kalyani in saving Moksh and to top it Anupriya will take new avatar.

While Sampada and Atharv are too smart as they gets Kalyani trapped in her own plan and Malhar had to arrest her.

Will Kalyani be able to prove her innocence and what more drama awaits ahead.

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