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Written By: LGW Desk on July 25, 2020

Anupamaa 25th July Written Update Anupama's victory day at school

Anupamaa 25th July Written Update, Anupama's victim day at school 

The episode starts with Samar asks Vanraj to drop Anupama to school as it's his first day at job.

Vanraj agrees and asks Anupama to get ready and not be late, Anupama is happy and takes blessings from Leela and Mamaji.

Here Anupama, Vanraj and Kavya leaves, Anupama and Kavya both opens the front door of car to sit besides Vanraj.

While Anupama takes a step back and allows Kavya to sit, Kavya boosts Anupama and asks her to enjoy being independent.

Vanraj is not so happy listening to all this, here Anupama also suggest Kavya to settle down in life soon that is get married.

Anupama asks Kavya to find someone as she is well educated and doing good job and suggest to find someone at office.

Anupama now praises Vanraj that every girl is after him as he has such a personality and her friend has said so to her.

Vanraj couldn't see how Anupama is brainwashing Kavya and thus makes excuse of forgetting file at home and drops Anupama midway to school.

Anupama's first day turns victorious

Anupama agrees to go and struggles to get an auto and somehow reaches school where Parul asks her to be on time.

Anupama marks entry in her class as Parul warns that children are notorious, Anupama is nervous but consoles herself.

Anupama initially gets trouble handling children but then she use her charm and sings with children to teach them cooking.

Anupama and children gets along well and Parul is impressed by it and gives salary in advance to her.


Leela asks Anupama to not go now as she has got salary.

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