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Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 4th March, 2020 Written Episode

Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 4th March, 2020 Written Episode 

The episode starts with Sonakshi goes to meet Rohit and he asks her why she has came here.

Sonakshi says that their animosity has yet not ended and thus she will save him to fight more with him till end.

Sonakshi thus asks doctors to operate on her and here Suman, Sumit rushes to hospital.

Suman taunts Veena and Nishi for risking Sonakshi's life for their selfish motive.

Nishi asks doctors to prepare the antidote anyhow as this will raise them to fame and will be a big publicity for their hospital.

Sonakshi's operation gets successful

Here Sonakshi's operation gets critical and Sonakshi is at risk of cardiac arrest, Simmi goes to Rohit.

Rohit tells her way to save Sonakshi and here Suman, Sumit prays for Sonakshi and her well being.

Sonakshi gets saved and here Rohit is happy to know that, here Nishi plans to instigate Veena before her heart melts for Sonakshi.


Rohit's condition gets critical, Sonakshi takes nurse avatar to meet Rohit.

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