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Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 3rd March, 2020 Written Episode

Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 3rd March, 2020 Written Episode 

The episode starts with Rohit asking Veena to get Sonakshi and beg infront of her as only she can save his life.

Veena is shocked and here she calls Nishi and asks her to get Sonakshi back.

Here Naren recalls what all Veena and Nishi were talking and thus tries to walk and falls from stairs.

Tanya looks at this and is shocked and recalls her accident, here Rohan tries to help Naren while Tanya is stunned.

Tanya tells Rohan that she again wants to become mother while Rohan is helpless and couldn't tell Tanya that she cannot become mother again.

Nishi threatens Sonakshi and puts a condition infront of her to save Rohit.

Sonakshi is brought to hospital and Veena begs Sonakshi to save Rohit while Sonakshi acts rude.

Veena begs Sonakshi to save Rohit

Sonakshi tells Veena that she believes that she is a gold digger and Veena pleads.

Here Sonakshi agrees on a condition of compensation to her family if anything happens to her.

Sonakshi agrees for the experiment on her body to save Rohit, Sumit asks Sonakshi if anyone has kidnapped her.

Sonakshi asks Sumit to relax and inform Pari and Suman about her.


Sonakshi asks Simmi and Tulsi to let her meet Rohit before the experiment begins.

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