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Katha Ankahee: OMG! Reet's obsession with Katha spoiling her future and relation with Yuvraj

Katha Ankahee: Reet having tough time all her plans to malign Katha’s image failed Yuvraj-Reet relationship affected

Sony Tv one the popular show Katha Ankahee is gearing up for major obsessed drama among Garewal's House. As per current track Viaan are enjoying their Quarantine with each other

It seems they are having really fun and enjoying each other’s company, Is this their first step towards love?.

Their test results are negative and they both are free to go out but still they both are looking into each other’s eyes; Love is in air.

But Reet is having tough time as all her plans to malign Katha’s image are getting failed in fact seeing Kailash attachment to her, she is completely shattered.

Reet is so disturb that has started to ignore her new born Yuhaan.

Yuvraj is not happy with Reet’s behavior, future episodes will show how Yuvraj-Reet relationship is going to be affected with Reet’s obsession of getting Katha and Aarav out of Garewal’s House.

Is Reet harming her family, kids, Yuvraj and most importantly her relation with Kailash and Kavita.

It will be interesting to see how events are going to change Reet’s position in Garewal House.

Aarav and Katha's Day out.

On the other hand, indifferent to all this happening around her Katha is busy in her plans with Aarav.

Aarav and Katha are going out to compensate last night. Robin informs Batman that he is too tired to join him in sport’s club.

Katha’s is upset, does she want Viaan to join her and Aarav?

It will be intersing to see the changing dynamics of both the couple’s, Reet- Yuvraj and Katha-Viaan.

Stay with us for more exciting updates.

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