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Katha Ankahee: Katha Viaan unsung Chemistry hurt Ehsan’s Dream

Katha Ankahee: Katha Viaan cute chemistry ahead

Sony Entertainment Television’s latest fiction offering Kathaa Ankahee, is being loved by the masses.

It seems that Viaan’s old school friend will dedicate a song to Viaan and Katha leaving Ehsan surprised.

Ehsan will notice the way Viaan and Katha look at each other and hence is sure that something is cooking between them.

Ehsan will start feeling jealous of Viaan and Katha’s friendship as he doesn’t want to share Katha with anyone.

Katha and Viaan on the other hand are engrossed in each other’s thought and are not able to see things around them.

Ehsan will divert Katha’s attention and takes her along with him.

Viaan follows Katha

Viaan will be seen secretly watching Katha and vice versa leaving Ehsan uncomfortable.

Will Viaan and Katha be able to bond or not?

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