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Published By: LGW Desk on March 18, 2023 04:47 PM (IST) | Publication:

Anupama: Anupama Tuned up For New Adoption!

Anupama: Anuj's condition made Anupama take decision of new Adoption 

New drama is surfacing the plot of serial Anupama, as we know Anuj is falling into depression and Anupama is tensed for curing his husband. 

Eyeing Anuj falling health and absentmindedness Anupama has decided to not make him more sick and resolute to a betterment for him. 

Anupama without having a talk with Anuj has decided on her own to adopt a new daughter for him. 

Anuj has lately been founding saying that Anupama has three children's but Anuj had only one and now that too he doesn't have so to compensate Choti-Anu a new child artist is about to enter the plot. 

Anuj will get more furiuos

Thinking how Anupama can replace our daughter Choti-Anu like this and what Choti-Anu will think if she'll see another child with them in her absence Anuj is about to get even more mad on Anupama. 

This rift dosen't seem to end here. 

What Anupama will do now? 

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