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Published By: LGW Desk on March 18, 2023 04:22 PM (IST) | Publication:

Anupama: Choti-Anu critical health in MaAn absence Makes Maya To Redial Past!!

Anupama: Maya To Take Choti-Anu to Disneylands 

In serial Anupama, Starring on Star Plus, drama has taken a permanent abode. 

In the recent episode we saw Anupama literally begging for one last meeting with her BAEBALI(Choti-Anu) to which Maya hearing Anuj's name agreed. 

Maya takes Choti-Anu to Kapadia mansion and Anuj shows anger on Maya, Maya revoked all the balmes not ready to be the vamp rather explains she has taken what already belongs to her. 

Choti-Anu when announced willingly wanted to go to Maya Anupama to save her daughter from fights of elders and court drama at a small age let Maya take Choti-Anu. 

Anuj after choti-Anu is gone is behaving like a child lost in thoughts and showing symptoms of depression. 

Maya Takes Choti-Anu back to MaAn after Choti-Anu falls feverish due to excessive crying 

Maya is emotionally supressing Choti-Anu to live with her and Choti-Anu being innocent is following up accordingly. 

Choti-Anu due to secretly crying in MaAn memories will fall sick badly. 

This is going to lead to a major havoc in Maya life feeling Herself as a culprit of her daughter's appalling health status. 

Let's see what happens in serial Anupama with Latest Gossips WU. 

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