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YRKKH: Abhimanyu Reached Drunk In Engagement!! Cried For Akshu

YRKKH: Abhimanyu kills his emotions and gets ready for Engagement 

In the latest episode of YRKKH, we saw how Aarohi returns her attire for the engagement ceremony to Manjari, calling the event off for a while. 

But soon on Ruhi's insistence Aarohi prepares her mind for the wedding leaving behind her insecurities. 

Later we saw a brawl between Abhi and Parth, which led to Parth taunting Abhimanyu for spoiling the life of two ladies and now a small child being a promise-breaker. 

To remove this tag Abhi gets ready for the engagement wholeheartedly. 

According to the spoilers we are about to see the heartbreaking sequence of Abhi and Aarohi's engagement. 

Abhimanyu drinks out of control and vomits his DIL KA HAAL 

In the upcoming episode, the gossip is that Abhimanyu will be seen creating a scene in the engagement after getting dripped with booze. 

Abhi is about to incessantly chant Akshara's name. 

Manajari who thought Abhimanyu's happiness to be in Aarohi will get into a deep pondering, on the credibility of her decision. 

Let's see will Aarohi and Ruhi be able to forgive Abhi for what he did. 

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