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Written By: LGW Desk on March 14, 2023

Anupama: Maya Calls Anupama AADHI MAA! Gets Unanimous Affirmation

Anupama: Maya shows Mirror to Anupama 

Serial Anupama is showcasing major drama goals with Maya and Anupama clashing over MAMATA. 

Anupama is begging Maya to return her daughter but Maya is making Anupama count all her deeds.

Maya asked Anupama firmly about how much time she had spent with her daughter Choti-Anu in the past 15 days. 

She also pointed out how her need in Shah Mansion is a never ending saga. 

Anupama's differentiation between her kids got into Maya's notice and she calls her an incomplete mother for Choti-Anu. 

Anupama's lacks of commitment towards Choti-Anu is pointed out as a major reason by Maya that why Choti-Anu needs her and not Anupama. 

Anuj keeps sealed lips when asked about his opinion

Anupama is surprised to see Anuj keeping a neutral reaction when asked about his opinion about Anupama's behaviour towards her childrens in Shah mansion and Kapadia mansion. 

Anupama shrugs off the charges vowing to her Kanha Ji on being transparent towards all her four kids. 

Do you believe here Maya is right in calling Anupama an Aadhi Maa for Choti Anu. 

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