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Pandya Store: Chiku Hears Poison of TRUTH!! Left Pandya Niwas with brothers

Pandya Store: Sweta to take Revenge by telling Chiku truth of his Dhara Maa 

In serial Pandya Store, drama is swirling with full intensity as Sweta has given the threat of telling Chiku about her being his mother when she learns that Chutki went missing. 

Chutki has learned the truth of her birth and connection with Pandya the hard way and has left pandya Niwas mid the HOLI festivity. 

Later when Chutki confronts Sweta about this covert truth, Sweta who is Intoxicated spills her beans herself. 

In the recent episode we saw how Chiku also learns about the truth but not from Sweta rather he conincedently listened Rishita and Dhara talking. 

The rest job in filing the thought that Dhara will depart him from Pandya Niwas is done by Sheesh and Mithu. 

Chiku cries in silence and packs his bags to leave Pandya Niwas on his own. 

Sheesh, Mithu and Chiku left Pandya Niwas All-toghther 

All the three brothers have left Pandya Niwas to support each other. 

Pandyas are completely unaware of the fact that Chiku has discovered his birth secret that Dhara is not his mother. 

Pandyas are rather busy in Shiva who is hospitalized post seeing Sweta suddenly and finding whereabouts of Chutki who has discovered that Sweta is not her mother. 

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