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Published By: LGW Desk on March 11, 2023 04:27 PM (IST) | Publication:

Pandya Store: Chutki's Successful Hunt Down by Pandya Kids; Sheesh, Chiku and Mithu

Pandya Store: Chutki went missing under Pandya's Nose in Middle of the Holi celebration

In Star Plus Drama rollar-coater Hindi show Pandya Store drama is on a new road with Chutki Health suffering the burns of her real identity which came in front of her in the most bizarre way possible. 

In the upcoming story of the serial we are about to see how Chutki's brothers will be hunting her out in the wilds after she is gone missing post learning her truth of birth. 

Chuti has received a big shocker in form of the news and soon as per the spoilers she'll be seen hating Sweta for stealing her from Pandya Niwas, means Sweta's fear has come alive. 

Chutki donor is one of her brothers 

Chutki will be found by her brothers and later she'll be seen still bearing the shock of the news. 

According to some fresh spoilers straight from the sets, chutki liver donor is one of her own brothers. 

Chutki condition is about to get critical because of the sudden shock she suffered and the process of liver transplant will get speedy. 

Lets see what colours of drama the episodes post Holi are about to bring. 

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