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GHKKPM: Ashwini Slapped Virat!! Kept Morals Over Motherhood

GHKKPM: Virat locked Sai with him in charges on not putting colour on her husband


In a Hindi TV show starring on Star Plus, GHKKPM drama sequence is featuring unbearable twists and turns. 

In the current track we saw Vinu is about to get in a danger planted in Chawan house by Ajay Kambale alongwith to this track a romantic sequence of Sairat love after ages has been shown.

In the latest spoiler we can saw Virat putting red colour in Sai's head and taking her inside Chawan Niwas calling her his wife. 

Pakhi was hurted to see all this and as soon as Virat will gain some senses in the upcoming episode Ashwini is about to give him a strong slap for shaming Pakhi and Sai like this in public. 

Both the ladies are equally hurted by this act of Virat and Ashwini despite getting stopped by Bhavani punishes Virat. 

Virat is ashamed and guilty

In the upcoming episode, Virta will be seen guilty and repenting his mistakes and Sai will blame him for Ajay Kambale's entry in Chawan Niwas. 

The approaching bomb blast is about to go null and no one except for Sai herself is about to bear wrath of the blast. 

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