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GHKKPM: Sai New Love Angel With Dheeraj Dhooper!! Virat Pissed


GHKKPM: Thankyou Makers! Sai Love Life altered with new male entry 


Star Plus DHAMAKEDAR serial Ghum Hain Kisikey Pyaar Mein is about to showcase the much-awaited entry of a male lead into Sai life. 

In the recent episode we saw how Sai remembered her limits seeing the picture frame of Pakhi and Virat together. 

After the leap seeing Virat to have moved on in his life with Pakhi and Sai left alone to suffer the viewers wished to see Sai paired with a lead so that Virat could repent leaving Sai. 

As per some insider news Dheeraj Dhooper is about to take a dashing entry into the show leaving Virat biting nails in nervousness. 

Bhavani plan to reconcile Sai and Virat going south 

In the upcoming story, Sai will be seen intentionally cutting ties with Virat and maintaining a distance from him. 

Sai's ignorance is about to kill Virat and soon with steps of a new male lead into Sai's life, Virat's insecurity is about to shoot up. 

Bhavani will be seen hating Dheeraj's presence around Sai. 

Let's see how and when Virat will realise his feelings for Sai and how far is his confession in highlighting steps of another man into Sai's life. 

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