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YRKKH: OH NOH!! Abhinav Swallows Goodness Turns HOT BLOODED For Akshara Ji

YRKKH: No barrier of Ji Between Abhinav and Akshara 

In Star Plus Hindi TV serial, the anticipated future is turning alive with Abhinav's (Jay Soni) character turning negative in the upcoming episodes. 

In the recent episode, Abhimanyu fed up from lying to himself decides to confront Akshara about his sustaining love for her. 

But Abhimanyu Before that bears a deadly accident and fell on hospital beds, before his last moments with opened eyes he witnessed Akshara taking him in her lap and crying for him. 

Later we are about to see Abhi asking for Akshara from Abhinav who proclaims that she belongs to him as destiny has given her to him. 

Not Abhi but Abhinav came between Akshara and Abhimanyu 

Later while Abhinav will be leaving, Abhimanyu tells him the truth of the relationships dynamics that it is Abhinav who came between Akshara and Abhimanyu and not Abhi who meddled between them. 

Is Abhinav's clear negation from giving Akshara to him is a sign that Abhinav for his love for Akshara is about to shut down Abhimanyu's chapter forever. 

Let's see what shades of drama will this change in Abhinav's character brings. 

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