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YRKKH: Abhir's Touch Stables Abhi's Pulse! Manjari Alerts in Suspiciousness

YRKKH: Abhir late night venture of meeting Abhimanyu turned successful

In Star Plus serial Yeh Rishta kya kehlata Hai, a emotional sequence of father-son bonding is whirling. 

In the Latets track we saw how Abhir left Goenka mansion late at night to meet his Doc-man. 

Abhir puts ashes of Lord shiva on Abhimanyu, who is himself a devotee of Shiva and prays for his quick well-being. 

Manjari and the rest Birlas and Goenkas are in awe to witness revenrce of Akshara's kid for Abhimanyu. 

Manjari suspicios grows and the later hugged Abhir out of joy. 

Abhir swipe her tears and advise her to cry as Doc-man's conditions has improved. 

Manjari to investigate Abhir real identity

As Akshara-Abhinav wedding is alredy at scrutiny of Goenkas due to the distanced behaviour of Akshara and Abhinav. 

In the upcoming episodes, Manjari will be seen doing a DNA test on Abhir and Abhimanyu without letting Akshara know about it. 

A major custody drama between Manjari and Akshu is about to take place. 

Also a spoiler suggest for Abhinav's character to turn negative soon, so let's see how and when that happens as well. 

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