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Anupama: Vanraj crosses the boundaries to protect his children taking wrong decisions for life


Anupama: Toshu and Pakhi bring another trouble for Vanraj to handle Anupama unaware about


The Star Plus show Anupama has stolen the hearts of fans and no one can ever miss any episode.

The story that is revolving around Anupama getting trapped in the burdens where her children Toshu and Pakhi always have some trouble ongoing.

Thereof Anupama wants to correct them while Vanraj wants to close the mistakes of both Toshu and Pakhi before Anupama knows.

As of recently, Vanraj meets Anupama in US where Toshu gets locked away from stealing and blaming Anupama for his crimes.

Thereof Pakhi has made her mind to settle in US where she meets her old college friend to settle her online business in America.

Vanraj coats Pakhi Toshu's mistakes

But it seems Vanraj will soon discover what is going on in Pakhi’s mind while Toshu wants to close the chapter of the goons who want their money back.

Thereof Vanraj is seen folding hands in front of Pakhi to stop while Toshu joins them.

What is cooking between Pakhi, Toshu and Vanraj that Anupama has no idea about??

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