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YRKKH: Captivating Drama!! Smiling Abhira invites Armaan for Partying while pampering Roohi


YRKKH: Abhira unaware of the upcoming storms invites Armaan but Roohi stops him around 

The Star Plus serial Yeh Rishta Kya kehlata Hai has been introducing effortless drama for the true viewers of the show.

As of the recent track it seems Roohi has cried making the pillows wet for Arman after which she falls sick.

Thereof Vidya and Kaveri leave to see Manish where Armaan arrives to take care of Roohi.

But it seems Roohi is upset with Armaan as he has never made stand for their love like he is doing for Abhira and her dreams.

Thereof Abhira has arrived at work where she gets to work with her boss over her first case.

With all smiles Abhira calls Armaan who is taking care of Roohi to arrive for partying with her.

Roohi road blocks Armaan 

At the same time Yuvraj is back in town and he is arriving to meet Abhira.

As it seems Roohi will not let Armaan leave once again for Abhira as she asks him to not leave.

There Abhira is getting closer to the storm as Yuvraj arrives to marry her anyways.

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