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YRKKH: New Feelings Growing Gossips!! Armaan’s responsibility bigger than love Roohi confronts


YRKKH: Roohi reveals Armaan’s courage to make stand for Abhira instead failing for their love win

The Star Plus longest running serial Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai has touched millions of hearts of fans that they can never miss an episode.

As of the ongoing track the story is revolving around Roohi (Pratiksha Honmukhe), Abhira (Samridhi Shukla) and Armaan (Shehzada Dhami).

After Armaan takes the responsibility of Abhira, he supports her no matter what the family says.

This pokes Roohi as Arman has never mentioned about his feelings for Roohi when it was about their love but he has prioritized his marriage with Abhira.

Thereof Armaan wants Roohi to maintain distance from him where Roohi brings how she feels for Armaan and Abhira’s relation.

Meanwhile, Roohi adds that Armaan is actually falling in love with Abhira.

Roohi mentions Armaan and Abhira's growing attachment

It seems Armaan has no answer for that while Abhira has mentioned that Roohi should mark her limits as she is Armaan’s wife for one year.

Will Armaan and Roohi reveal their feelings and past for Abhira??

It would be highly interesting to watch the upcoming episodes.

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