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Anupama: BYGONES in Drama!! Kinjal refuses to entertain Paritosh’s Dangerous Business friends


Anupama: Paritosh’s business deals with local Goons Kinjal gets the hint of trouble approaching

The Star Plus serial Anupama, has boned millions of hearts of fans who are addicted to drama buzz.

With the latest episodes it seems Paritosh is getting involved in none of business work but troubles.

As of now Kinjal is jiggling with work and family where Paritosh runs errands in the name of working on his own business ventures.

There Kinjal wants Paritosh to find a job and settle where he refuses as he dreams bigger to achieve.

Following the same Kinjal comes home to see Paritosh’s friends waiting for him.

With the first look, Kinjal knows the kind of people they are and she refuses Toshu to deal with them any further for his family.

But as it turns out Toshu will never listen as he leaves along with his luggage.

Kinjal feas for Toshu

Thereof Kinjal has seen the trouble coming for Toshu’s involvement in the wrong business.

Will Kinjal’s predictions turn true for Toshu and her family??

It would be highly interesting to watch the upcoming episodes.

Stay tuned and keep tuned with latest gossips WU for more updates on Anupama.

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