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Anupama: Climbing Ladders of Gossips!! Adhya arranges wedding date for Anuj Shruti as surprise


Anupama: Adhya all excited to surprise Shruti with wedding dates for marrying Anuj on birthday

The Star Plus fans are excited to see Anuj and Anupama in one frame once again in the storyline of Anupama bringing the gossips.

With the recent episodes and tracks it occurs Adhya can’t take any chance with Anuj and Shruti’s wedding as she knows Anuj will stick to Anupama all the time.

Thereof Adhya is shocked how Anuj has slipped the birthday of Shruti where she arranges surprise.

But Anuj is busy thinking about Anupama as he leaves to meet her skipping the celebration for Shruti’s birthday party.

Thereof Adhya wants Shruti to pick the wedding date where she agrees to wait till Anuj is ready.

Adhya confirms wedding for Anuj Shruti

Knowing Anuj, it seems Adhya will do the honours and pick the wedding date as surprise for Shruti over her birthday eve.

Will Anuj and Shruti tie the not after Anuj meets Anupama and resumes the love that he always has for only and only Anupama??

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