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Anupama: Biggest Surprise of Drama!! NOT the Past of Anupama’s Anuj instead Shruti’s AK


Anupama: Anuj converted from being Anupama’s Anuj to Shruti’s AK over the time of years

The Star Plus serial Anupama is making headlines with the fantastic drama that makes the hearts pound for the true fans.

As of the ongoing track Anuj has returned to old days where he loves Anupama unconditionally.

Thereof for the first time in last four years Anuj has forgotten about Shruti’s birthday where Anuj has always made Shruti remember the day with special gesture.

This makes Adhya see how Anuj is still clinging to Anupama and he will leave everything behind for Anupama once again.

Thereof Anupama decides to meet Anuj and answer his questions.

As Anuj and Shruti are together, Anuj lies about his urgent meeting where it seems Shruti will head and see the reality by herself.

Shruti gets surprises for birthday

So far, Anuj is no more Anupama’s story rather he is heading towards wedding with Shruti as AK.

Will Shruti find the relation of Anuj and Anupama over her birthday??

How will Anuj forget the days of being Anupama’s Anuj and become Shruti’s husband??

Stay tuned and watch Anupama along with latest gossips WU for more updates.

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