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Anupama: Spoilers!! Countdown for Anupama’s heart touching Message for Anuj Shruti wedding


Anupama: Anupama leaves Anuj drastically with blessings before the wedding of Anuj to Shruti

The Star Plus channel has presented mind blowing serials and the drama buzzers hangs in the minds of fans with Anupama bringing the latest updates.

As of the latest episode it seems Anuj is stuck between Anupama and Shruti.

After Anupama and Anuj get separated, Anuj meets Shruti and now they are heading for marriage.

But it seems Anuj has never stopped loving Anupama.

Thereof Anuj has many unanswered questions for Anupama where he wants to meet her.

As Anupama decides to end the story of MaAN where Anuj can start his life with Shruti.

Anupama leaves Anuj with answers

Meanwhile, Anupama knows Shruti has done lots of sacrifices for Adhya and Anuj after she left them shattered.

It seems Anupama has the last message for Anuj before he starts his life with Shruti by closing the book where Anuj and Anupama meant to be together.

Will Anuj head for wedding with Shruti or Anupama will return into Anuj’s life once again??

Stay tuned and keep the curiosity high as Latest Gossips WU won’t skip any updates on Anupama.

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