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Anupama: Gearing up the Gossips!! Adhya sketches Anuj Anupama’s reunion Shruti sidelined


Anupama: Adhya imprinted Anuj overlapping wedding with Shruti for Anupama’s returning back

In the upcoming episodes of Anupama, the Star Plus fans will come across unlimited drama.

After Anuj and Anupama’s meetup the story has geared up for many exciting surprises for fans.

Thereof, Adhya is freaking out that Anupama will return to her life as Anuj can never stop loving her.

With this Adhya is seen drawing figures where she gets into zones of thinking.

As Adhya knows Anuj and Anupama’s love and has seen it closely, she is scared about losing Shruti.

She mentions that if Shruti learns that Anuj and Anupama love each other she will get sidelined.

Now it seems Adhya wants Anuj and Shruti to tie the knot as soon as possible.

Will Anuj accept the change and take Shruti’s hand in marriage forgetting Anupama’s presence??

Adhya's plans for Anuj Anupama

How will Adhya remove Anupama entirely from her life and story as Anuj goes back to her anyways?

It would be an exciting buzz for all the true fans that will bring endless entertainment.

Let’s wait and watch the story of Anuj Anupama and Adhya only on Star Plus serial Anupama.

Stay tuned and keep watching Anupama along with latest gossips WU for more.

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