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Anupama: Time for Payback!! Dimple outcasted VANRAJ SHAH dropping the Shah title ahead


Anupama: Dimple gets audacious to drop Shah title sidelines Vanraj’s ventures towards esteem


In the upcoming episodes of Anupama, the Star Plus fans can see courage sparkling in Dimple.

As of the recent episodes Vanraj has returned with new vibes and old outlooks of Vanraj Shah.

Thereof Vanraj has seen the viral video to understand that Titu has attachment for Dimple.

While Dimple is pregnant with Samar’s baby and he is gone, Vanraj wants Dimple to live for baby.

There Vanraj restricts Dimple from working out and becoming friend to any other boy.

Following this as Dimple starts living her passion Vanraj turns the eye keeper for Dimple.

Soon now Dimple gets caught while she visits dance fest where Vanraj wants to delete Titu from around her.

Dimple wants to create her own life 

Following this as Dimple makes promising words and courage talk Vanraj neglects.

As it seems Dimple won’t take Vanraj’s care justified for controlling her life after Samar’s gone.

Will Dimple leave the Shahs and drop her identity as Shah for living like she wants and wishes??

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