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Anupama: Fears turning Actuality!! Adhik new VENDETTA freezes marriage to Pakhi at Shahs


Anupama: Pakhi settles at Shahs forgetting Adhik fears of family become the factuality for duo


The Star Plus serial Anupama has turned the fun filled boating for those who are just inclined to drama and fun and entertainment on daily basis.

With the arrival of new characters and old attitude now Pakhi seems to settle with The Shahs.

So far, after Pakhi sees Anuj and Anupama have no interest at all to invest in her business and Anupama continues teaching her, she leaves the house.

Now as Adhik is alone there Pakhi starts misbehaving with Baa where adding her Shah visit is kind of permanent this time.

This scares Baa as she knows Adhik won’t stay with Pakhi for long if she keeps her attitude the same.

Adhik changed after Pakhi leaving 

Moreover, now Adhik has accepted the fact that Pakhi is spoiled who can never change for good.

Will Baa’s fear really turn the reality for Adhik and Pakhi after the Shah house welcomes Pakhi??

How will Muskan and Adhik’s marriage stand where Pakhi has left Adhik alone at home??

Stay tuned and keep watching Anupama along with latest gossips WU for more updates.

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