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Anupama: One by one Malti Devi eliminates every other member residing at Kapadia Residence


Anupama: Malti Devi anger raises high seeing Anuj’s heartiness for every member staying there


The Star Plus serial Anupama has brought the climax for Anuj and the house members together.

So far, Malti Devi’s entry has turned controversial as she wants Anuj to stop caring for others more.

Following this, Malti Devi wants Anupama to stick to her husband Anuj and Choti without Shahs.

As of now, Anupama is yet again divided by the chaos at Shah house Malti Devi wants a pause.

This brings her to take firm action as Anuj follows Anupama blindly with any other thoughts coming.

As of now, Malti Devi and Barkha are seen discussing the same while Pakhi answers back the duo.

Hearing her out, Malti Devi wants to start eliminating every person whom Anuj has helped so far.

Malti Devi's first target is ANupama

With this it seems Malti Devi wants to stay just with Anuj and making others leave on their own.

What Malti Devi has planned for making the family separate and get destroyed for Anuj’s sake??

Will Anupama turn the target for Malti Devi for leaving the Kapadia house where she belongs??

Stay tuned and keep watching Anupama along with latest gossips WU for more updates.

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