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Anupama: Conclusion with Anuj Choti Anupama’s last family pic together before America calls


Anupama: Anupama leaves the family behind and starts another life in America with memories

The Star Plus serial Anupama is the absolute favourite of the fans who can never miss any update.

As of the current episodes that are coming in the show, Anupama is juggling between family love.

With Baa being sick Anupama keeps monitoring the Shah house while Choti needs her with her.

Seeing the situation Bapuji sends Anupama back to Kapadia house while Choti has tests to run.

As Choti gets scared Anuj and Anupama decide to take the test along with their daughter, Choti.

Following this the latest promo has shown Anupama far away in America where she misses Choti.

It seems now Anupama has nothing left with her rather the memories keep haunting her.

Anupama starts fresh alone

Thereof Anupama is seen in America with new ventures of work and Anuj is not around her.

Let’s wait and watch the story to know what happens next in Anupama that has the talented actors Rupali Ganguli, Sudhanshu Pandey and Gaurav Khanna in lead roles while Muskan Bamne, Apara Mehta and Ashlesha Sawant rock the side characters.

Stay tuned with latest gossips WU for more updates on Anupama along with the newest journey.


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