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Anupama: Unbothered Attitude of Pakhi!! Adhik has had enough tantrums wants final decision

Anupama: Adhik demands final decision on marriage with Pakhi that involves tantrums always


The Star Plus most famous serial Anupama is all around the town in talk for the stellar performance.

As of the recent episodes, Baa and Bapuji’s troubles have tuned the noise of every Hindi TV screen.

With Paritosh and Kinjal leaving for UK now Anupama has to handle her parents behind the family.

At the same time Vanraj is out and Anupama needs support for handling both her families.

There Pakhi shows her real love for the family as she refuses to help them while Adhik requests her.

Seeing her constant attitude and tantrums now Adhik has handled enough and can’t explain more.

Pakhi and Adhik's fight has results 

Now as Adhik asked Pakhi for helping her own family Pakhi fights to which Adhik demands Conclusion.

Will Pakhi realise how badly Adhik is hurting with the behaviours and attitude that she is showing??

What will Adhik decide after the constant fights and tantrums that Pakhi keeps showing to him and the family??

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