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Anupama: Choti boils with high fever Bapuji requests Anupama for arrival despite all challenges


Anupama: Anupama has double responsibilities with Choti Anu being sick and Bapuji falling down


The Star Plus serial Anupama is really giving goosebumps now with the upcoming episodes roaring.

So far, the things are not same for Anupama Baa and Bapuji anymore after Kinjal leaves with Toshu.

Following this, Baa is sick with slow heartbeats and high BP while she says goodbye to her children.

After this Anupama leaves and Choti comes around looking for Anupama as she falls sick in fever.

Thereof Anuj handles Choti Anu and at the other hand Anupama receives the call from Bapuji.

As it turns out Baa and Bapuji have fallen and no one is around to look after them in Shah house.

Soon, Anupama gets into the complex situation as Bapuji says its urgent and Choti can’t stop crying.

Anupama's pending decision for family

Will Anupama be able to handle both her families as Baa Bapuji fall and Choti needs her mother??

What will happen as Anupama has enemies in frame who manipulate her family against her wishes??

Let’s wait and watch the upcoming episodes of Anupama for knowing Anupama’s decision.

Stay tuned with latest gossips Wu for such updates on entertainment on all your favourite serials.

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